5 Ways to Sell Your House FASTER!

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by Baltazar Camacho 

Austin Fast Home Offer specializes in buying homes in as little as 2 weeks. We take away the time and stress of dealing with selling by making cash offers, setting up quick closings, and handling all fees.

Most sellers prefer the traditional method of putting their home on the market. Which is fine, as long as your time and efforts are maximized. The longer it take to sell your house, the more costs pile up. Monthly mortgage, utility bills, taxes, insurance – these payments stop ONLY when the sale is finalized. Compare a sale within 45 as opposed to 9 months on the market; literally saves you $20,000+ in bills and fees!

Get Rid of STUFF!   

BEFORE you list, before you advertise, before you have a single showing…box up and store EVERYTHING non-essential. First impressions are everything and clutter turns off potential buyers. Keep decor neutral. Stage it properly. Pack up and get rid of stuff BEFORE listing. Save yourself the time and stress! Craigslist, LetGo, and yard sales are your friends.

Take Great PHOTOS

Show the BEST version of your house. Use only high quality pictures or hire a PROFESSIONAL photographer. The majority of shoppers are looking online. The average buyer will look at dozens of listings and will scroll past bad or shoddy photos. That means you have a few seconds to make the right impression! High quality photos can make or break a potential sale!

Curb Appeal

What a potential buyer sees as they pull up will set the overall tone of the showing. The good news is, curb appeal can be done at low cost. Below is a list of 5 things to improve curb appeal:

  • Clean up  and weed garden/ lawn.
  • Plant flowers
  • New hardware (mailbox, address numbers, door handles)
  • Fresh coat of paint on door
  • new doormat

(We handle ALL the above services when we purchase and resell homes!)

Price it RIGHT!

Pricing is the #1 MOST IMPORTANT THING when we buy our flips. In 2017 our flips sold on average in less than 45 days! Avoid the temptation to overprice your home. Check other prices in your neighborhood, run a few comps, price within a reasonable range. Let Buyers bid against each other rather than pricing them out of contention. Above all, don’t spend

Showcase your Neighborhood!

When a person buys a house they aren’t just buying the structure; they also buying the location and lifestyle. Put together a packet which highlights your area – the school district, shopping, and commuting. Tell them about any nearby parks, lakes, and anything you love about the area.


Are you interested in selling your house?

We can buy your House – from offer to closing  – in as little as 2 weeks!