Sell to an Investor, Or Real Estate Listing on MLS? Strategy for 2018!

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Ready to put some money in your pocket?

Let 2018 be the year you take advantage of great deals! The real estate market in central Texas is changing quickly. According to Austin Business Journal, in 2016 an estimated 154 new people moved into Austin daily. More people are using alternative methods for buying and selling properties. Whether selling your house using a traditional real estate agent listing or going with a real estate Investor – the choice is deciding which method is right for YOU?

Let’s look at the fees associated with both methods! Investor – Vs – Agent


An agent is a salesperson who will list your house on the MLS (multiple listing service) and use various marketing efforts to sell your house. This process takes anywhere between a month to 9 months and requires fees. Fees include a commission if they sell the house. Commission is typically 6% of the sales price, or $6,000 per $100,000 (that is $14,000 for a $235,000 median home). These also include advertising and continuing costs while owning the house plus title, survey, appraisals and inspections.


A real estate investor is a buyer who purchases properties with cash offers in order to turn them around and flip them at a profit. By far the BIGGEST advantages are savings in time and fees. With an investor there are no fees involved, no commission to pay, and best of all – NO LISTINGS. Your house doesn’t spend any time on the open market. Investors have the leverage of accessing cash immediately, which in turn saves the Seller a lot of time selling their home. It also means acquiring a cash deal must quicker than normal.


How soon do You need to sell your home?

Is your situation a dire circumstance?

Can’t afford to let your property sit for months on MLS?

Consider the Pros and Cons of selling with an Agent versus and Investor. The Texas Property Buyer is a real estate Investor who successfully closes deals in as little as 2 weeks! Contact us today to learn more about the selling process. 

Baltazar Camacho, Founder and owner